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Hindi Thoughts on Life (Suvichar)

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Hindi Thoughts on Life

Here is a beautiful collection of Hindi Thoughts on life. We all come across many experiences in life and some of these experiences taught us valuable lessons  of life. With the help of these Hindi Thoughts (Suvichars) on life, we can understand life better. These Suvichars on life are a great way to open our eyes and start seeing life in its true colors.

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Hindi Thought on Life 

Life, Thought, जिंदगी, Hindi, Quote, Picture, Message, SMS, खुबसूरत, Beautiful
HD Hindi Thought on Life जिंदगी

Hindi Thought on life by Kabir

Life, Guest, essence, Kabir, Hindi Thought, Kabir Quote
Life is a short guest (Kabir Thought)

Hindi Thought on Life from Vedanta

Hindi Thought, Life, Vedanta, situations,
Hindi Thought on Life from Vedanta 

Hindi Thought on Your Life 

Hindi Thought, Quote, Decision, Your Life, Life, Life Quote, Arvind Katoch
Hindi Thought (Don't allow others to take decisions)

Hindi Thought on Bad Time in Life

life, Bad Time, hidden, others, Hindi, Thought, QUote
If there is not a bad time in life

Hindi Thought on Live Life in Such a Way

Hindi Thought, Live Life, Such a way,
Hindi Thought on Live Life in Such a Way

Hindi Thought on Waste Life

Hindi Thought, Life, waste
Hindi Thought on Waste Life

Hindi Thought on Life (Success)

run, fly, walk, slide, success, life, Hindi Thought, Quote
Only Those Get Success in Life

Hindi Thought on useless person in life

Treat, useless person, life, stopped watch, time, Hindi Thought, Quote,
Don't treat anyone as a useless person in life

Hindi Thought on Life (Last Happiness)

Hindi, Thought, Quote, SMS, Last, Happiness

Hindi Thougt on Change Your Life by Rumi

change, Hindi Thought, you, quote, Hindi, life,
It only takes one person to change your life

Hindi Thought on Search of Life

Hindi Thought on Search of Life 

Hindi Thougt on Two things in Life 

defeated, life, time, love, belong, Hindi Thought, Hindi Quote,
A man gets defeated by two things in life

Hindi Thought on Whole Life (Selfish by Nature)

Hindi Thought, Life, selfish, Nature,

                                    Hindi Thought on Selfish by Nature 

Hindi Thougt on Life (Change)

change, essence, life, Hindi Thought, Hindi Quote
Change is Essence of Life

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  1. हर रोज़ कोई ख्वाब टूट जाता है
    हर रोज़ कोई अपना रूठ जाता है
    ना जाने मेरी किस्मत मैं क्या है
    जिसे मैं याद करू वही मुझे भूल जाता है ..


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