About Hindi Thoughts

About Hindi Thoughts-

Present Hindi Thoughts are a part of the long journey which is constantly taking shape. This journey started with a collection of Hindi Thoughts from childhood. I used to have a diary where It was my hobby to write all good thoughts in Hindi and read them again and again when I had time. I found a great treasure of knowledge in these small quotes of two lines. When we go deeply through, these Hindi quotes, then we learn many valuable life lessons which have emerged from the experience of others.

Some people may take these small two lines as ordinary things; however, these two lines have the power to change any person's life. The best thing in life is to share the thing which you liked most or which helped you most. So in the form of Hindi Thoughts, I am giving back a collection of wonderful and wise Hindi Thoughts as HD Picture Messages. You can say that this online site is my personal collection of Hindi Thoughts because I always try to choose the best Hindi Thoughts and Quotes which have deep meaning and may provide help to someone.

With time, as my thinking matured, I also started writing articles and quotes. You can read hundreds of my original Hindi Thoughts/Quotes on this site. With time, our collection of Hindi Thoughts on this site has increased and we try to cover all the meaningful topics of life. This site has more than 1000 Thoughts and Quotes in Hindi. More than 90% of these Hindi quotes are available as HD quality picture messages. Many Hindi Thoughts use images from Arvindkatoch's Photography. 

I created this site to help all Hindi Quote lovers who love to read Hindi Thoughts like me. Sometimes, when we need a particular thing, then we don't find it. Here Hindi Thought provides help to all these Hindi Thought readers to read the quality Hindi Thoughts. In the last six years, Hindi Thoughts has got lots of love from its readers and we are trying hard in this direction to meet the expectations of Hindi Thoughts. You can read Hindi Thoughts on the Main Website, Mobile Website, or through our frAndroidoid app. 

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Arvind Katoch
[About Arvind Katoch- Hi, I am a 37 year old a simple person from India. My hobby is writing and photography. I have a great interest in nature and birds. You can check my Photography blog - photography.arvindkatoch.com and Bird Photography Blog- indianbirds.arvindkatoch.com. To read my main blog, you can visit- www.arvindkatoch.com. I love to travel and my travel blog is travel.arvindkatoch.com. I am blogging from last 11 years and Hindi Thoughts is one part of it.]

We are trying hard to touch every corner of life through our Hindi Thoughts. You can post your suggestion to hindithoughts@arvindkatoch.com

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Glimpse of Some of Top Hindi Thoughts and Images-

1) माँ बाप के लिए वैसा जीवन जीना बहुत जरुरी है जैसा वह अपने बच्चो को सिखाना चाहते है।
2) सुख जीवन में सब कुछ पाने से नहीं आता है बल्कि यह तब आता है जब हम जिन्दगी की दी हुई चीजों के साथ जीना सीख लेते है । अरविन्द कटोच
3) महान कार्य महान त्याग से ही संपन होते है। स्वामी विवेकानंद
4) कुछ विपरीत करने का साहस रखो उससे जो बाकि सब लोग कर रहे है जब तुम यह सोचते हो की यह समझ वाला और सही काम है करने के लिए।
5) खुशियाँ बाँटने में सागर के सामान बनो, ताकि कभी भी आपको ऐसा न लगे की खुशियाँ बाँटने से आप की आपनी खुशियाँ कम हो जाएगी I अरविन्द कटोच

Time, Hindi, Quote, Importance, Picture, Message
Hindi Thought HD Picture Message on Importance of Time

Relationship, Birds, Thought, Hindi, Life,
Hindi Thought on Relationship 

Good Heart, Good nature, Hindi Thought, अच्छा दिल, अच्छा स्वभाव,
Good Heart and Good nature (Hindi Thought) अच्छा दिल और अच्छा स्वभाव

Happiness, sorrow, family, members, Hindi Thought, Image, सुख, दुःख, पारिवारिक, सदस्य, guests, experience,
Happiness sorrow are not family members (Hindi Thought Image) सुख दुःख हमारे पारिवारिक सदस्य नहीं

money, life's, pleasures, Hindi Thought, Image, धन, जीवन, सुख, सुविधा, हासिल, Hindi, Hindi Quote,
With money we can get all of life's pleasures (Hindi Thought Image) 


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