Hindi Thoughts of Kabir

Kabir, Kabir Quotes, Hindi ThougtsKabir was a great saint and mystic poet of ancient India. He lived in 15th century, though the exact dates of his life are still debated. He gave us great wisdom through his Kabir Vani. Kabir's thoughts (Dohas) are so unique that they are still very much relevant in the present world. Every person can learn lots of valuable lessons of life by reading Kabir. Here we have collected some of the best thoughts of Kabir in Hindi so that you can also benefit from the great wisdom of Kabir.

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Hindi Thought of Kabir (Life is a short guest/ जिंदगी केवल कुछ पल की ही मेहमान है)

Life, Guest, essence, Kabir, Hindi Thought, Kabir Quote
Life is a short guest (Kabir Thought)

Hindi Thought of Kabir (Lion/Goat)

Loin, goat, skin, rushes, words, Kabir, Kabir Thought, Hindi Thought, Kabir Quote
In Loin's Skin rushes a Goat 

Hindi Thought of Kabir (Manners of Elders)

demerits, younger, elder, manner, kabir, Kabir quote, Hindi thought
It is the manner of the elders (Kabir)

Hindi Thought of Kabir (Badness in Others) 

diamond, bows, praise, kabir, Hindi Thought, Quote, badness, phony
Praise the diamond that survives thousands of bows

Hindi Thought of Kabir (Slowly-Slowly) 

Gardener, Hindi, Thought, Quote, Kabir, Kabir Quote, fruits.
Hindi Thought by Kabir 

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