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On this page, you can find some of the best options to get free products and offers. We can provide you these offers through collaboration with different companies with Hindi Thoughts. We will keep on updating you about the various new deals and discounts available for you. We decided to add this page because we are getting more than one offer at a time so on this page all the offers will be displayed. You can enjoy offers like getting free products or getting rewards for your opinions etc. So keep on checking this page to get free products and offers. 

List of available free products-

1) Get Free Matte Lipstick (Worth Rs 395)

In this offer, you will get a free matte lipstick worth Rs 395 for free. All you need to do is to fill out a short survey of fewer than 30 seconds. You can find many choices of colour of lipstick also. Get Free Lipstick

2) Get Free St.Botanica Shampoo (worth Rs 359)

Here is a second option available in the form of free St. Botanica shampoo worth Rs 359. The process of getting this shampoo is the same and you need to fill out a short survey. Get Free Shampoo

3) Get Free Vitamin C Facewash worth Rs 249

The third option is available in the form of a Free Vitamin C-rich facewash from The Moms Co. The requirement to get this facewash is again the same and it is to fill out a very short survey. Get Free Facewash

Get Products at Discount 

You can visit our online shop to buy various products at the discount. In this shop, you can see many discount options from time to time (as discounts may vary with time and season). 

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Now Hindi Thoughts are also available as beautiful stickers, Posters simple or framed, Coffee Mugs, canvases, T-shirts, Cushion Covers, bottles, etc. You can buy them from the links available below so that your favourite Hindi Thoughts always remain with you. 

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