Every human being is hidden behind/हर इंसान अपनी जुबान के पीछे (Hindi Thought with meaning)

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"हर इंसान अपनी जुबान के पीछे छुपा हुआ है, अगर उसे समझना है तो उसे बोलने दो।"

Hindi Thought English Translation- 

"Every human being is hidden behind his tongue, if you want to understand him then let him speak."

हिंदी विचार की व्याख्या -  इंसान की वाणी हमें उसे समझने का एक बेहतरीन अवसर देती है, इसलिए किसी इंसान को समझने के लिए उसे बोलने दे ताकि वह अपने मन का भेद खोल सके।  

Hindi Thought Explanation- The best way to understand a person is to let him speak because when he speaks then unconsciously, he opens many of his secrets. Therefore, next time when you need to understand a person then allow him to speak. 

Kabir has also said the same thing but in different lines, to read it Click Here

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