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We at Hindi Thougts have come up with new and more feature Free android app "Hindi Thoughts". This app is available for free of cost of a Google Play with name "Hindi Thoughts".

With this new Android app, you can easily search all available Hindi Thoughts or you can read Hindi Thoughts with important tags like Motivation, Success, Life etc.

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Hindi Thought of the Day

The bird sitting on the tree's branch/पेड़ की शाखा पर बैठा पंछी (Hindi Thought)

"पेड़ की शाखा पर बैठा पंछी कभी भी डाल हिलने से नहीं घबराता क्योंकि पंछी डाली पर नही अपने पंखों पर भरोसा करता है।"  Hindi Though...

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