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Hindi Thought One liners (Best of Hindi Quote Images)

Here is a collection of some of the best one liner Hindi Thoughts and Quotes. This one liners are chosen on the ground, how well they convey the main meaning hidden in the messages. These one liner Hindi Thoughts can be great source of motivation or life's great lessons. You can click on the any image to reach the Hindi Quote individual page. We will keep on increasing the one liner Hindi thoughts on this page.

1) Hindi Thought one Liner Good Time-
Good, Time, comes, अच्छा, वक्त, Hindi Thought,

2) Hindi Thought one Liner No Need-

feel, there, need, जहाँ, आपकी, जरूरत, Hindi Thought, silently, dissociate,

3) Hindi Thought One Liner The Quieter you become- 
quieter, become, hear, ram dass, Hindi, Thought, Quote
The quieter you become (Hindi Thought one liner)

4) Hindi Thought one Liner Make your Vision-

Hindi Thought, make, vision, दृष्टि, बना, world, look
Hindi Thought one liner make your vision/

5) Hindi Thought One liner Good at Heart- 

Hindi Thought, Quote, People, Heart, brain, heart,
Hindi Thought one liner Good at heart

6) Hindi Thought One Liner Words come out of Heart-

words, heart, enter, rumi, Hindi Thougt, Rumi Quote
Hindi Thought one liner- words come out of the Heart

7) Hindi Thought One Liner See the Time-

Hindi Thought, Image,  see, time, show, समय,
Hindi Thought One liner (We can't see the time)

8) Hindi Thought One Liner The root of Happiness-

Happiness, Root, Satisfaction, Hindi, Thought, Quote
Hindi Thought one liner (The root of Happiness) 
9) Hindi Thought one liner Anger one is condition-

Hindi, Thought, Quote, Anger, Condition, Mind,
Hindi Thought one liner (Anger is one condition) 

10) Hindi Thought One Liner one who is industrious-

Meaning Life, Industrious, Hindi, Thought, Quote,
Hindi Thought (The one who is more industrious/जो जितना परिश्रमी है) 

11) Hindi Thought one liner Desire becomes meaningful-
Hindi Thought, Desire, Meaningful, determination, completed, one liner,
Hindi Thought one liner desire becomes meaningful)

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Trust those who can understand/भरोसा उस पर करो जो (Hindi Thought)

"भरोसा उस पर करो जो तुम्हारी तीन बाते जान सके, हँसी के पीछे का दर्द, गुस्से के पीछे का प्यार और आपके चुप रहने वजह।"

Hindi Thought English Translation-

"Trust those who can understand three things about you, the pain behind the laughter, the love behind the anger and the reason behind your silence. 

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Those who say bitter words at the mouth/मुँह पर कड़वा बोलने वाले (Hindi Thought)

"मुँह पर कड़वा बोलने वाले कभी धोखा नहीं देते। डरना तो मीठा बोलने वालों से चाहिए जो दिल में नफरत पालते है और समय के साथ बदल जाते है।"

Hindi Thought English Translation-

"Those who say bitter words at the mouth never cheat. We should fear from people who speak sweetly but keep hatred in the heart and change over time."

More the crowd is increasing in the world/जितनी भीड़ बढ़ रही है इस दुनिया (Hindi Thought)

"जितनी भीड़ बढ़ रही है इस दुनिया में लोग उतनें ही अकेले होते जा रहे है।"

Hindi Thought English Translation- 

"More the crowd is increasing in the world, more the people are feeling alone."

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