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Famous Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar)

Here is the collection of most famous Hindi Thoughts (Suvichars). These Hindi Thoughts are liked by millions of people across the world; therefore, I hope that you will also like them. Hindi Thoughts are very popular across the world in Hindi speaking people. Hindi Thoughts always bring you new and interesting Hindi Thoughts. Below, you can read Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) which were famous on this site during the last four years.

Famous Hindi Thought People began to imitate you

imitate, people, life, success, hindi thought,
When People began to imitate you

Famous Hindi Thought Convincing Others 

spend, convincing, achieve, life, Hindi Thought, Quote
The time which people spend in convincing others

Famous Hindi Thought Improve Yourself 

Time, Improve, criticize, Hindi Thought, Quote
Give so much time to improve yourself

Famous Hindi Thought on Intentions 

intentions, appearance, show-off, God, Hindi Thought, Quote
No matter how good are your intentions

Famous Hindi Thought by kabir on Life 

Life, Guest, essence, Kabir, Hindi Thought, Kabir Quote
Life is a short guest (Kabir Thought)

Famous Hindi Thought A man gets defeated 

defeated, life, time, love, belong, Hindi Thought, Hindi Quote,
A man gets defeated by two things in life

Famous Hindi Thought on Knowledge 

Hindi Thought, Quote, Knowledge, Everlasting, Era,
Hindi Thought (Only knowledge is the everlasting element)

Famous Hindi Thought Life is Too Short 

hate, short, life, sad, understand, benefit, regret, hindi thought, hindi quote
Life is too short to hate someone

Famous Hindi Thought Importance of Time 

Time, Hindi, Quote, Importance, Picture, Message
Hindi Thought HD Picture Message on Importance of Time

Famous Hindi Thought on In Life 

Famous Hindi Thought From Flower

Hindi, Thought, Quote, Flower, Learn
HD Hindi Thought (Quote) Learn from a Flower

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Trust those who can understand/भरोसा उस पर करो जो (Hindi Thought)

"भरोसा उस पर करो जो तुम्हारी तीन बाते जान सके, हँसी के पीछे का दर्द, गुस्से के पीछे का प्यार और आपके चुप रहने वजह।"

Hindi Thought English Translation-

"Trust those who can understand three things about you, the pain behind the laughter, the love behind the anger and the reason behind your silence. 

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Those who say bitter words at the mouth/मुँह पर कड़वा बोलने वाले (Hindi Thought)

"मुँह पर कड़वा बोलने वाले कभी धोखा नहीं देते। डरना तो मीठा बोलने वालों से चाहिए जो दिल में नफरत पालते है और समय के साथ बदल जाते है।"

Hindi Thought English Translation-

"Those who say bitter words at the mouth never cheat. We should fear from people who speak sweetly but keep hatred in the heart and change over time."

More the crowd is increasing in the world/जितनी भीड़ बढ़ रही है इस दुनिया (Hindi Thought)

"जितनी भीड़ बढ़ रही है इस दुनिया में लोग उतनें ही अकेले होते जा रहे है।"

Hindi Thought English Translation- 

"More the crowd is increasing in the world, more the people are feeling alone."

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