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Hindi Thought (Thoughts are like flowing water/विचार बहते पानी की तरह है)

"विचार बहते पानी की तरह है, यदि हम उनमें गंदगी मिला दें तो वह नाले के समान बन जाएंगे।  और अगर हम उनमें सुगन्ध मिला दे तो वह गंगागल बन जाएंगे। "

Hindi Thought English Translation- "Thoughts are like flowing water, if we mix dirt in them, then they will become like a sewer and if we mix fragrance in them, then they will become pure water.

Hindi Thought Explanation/Meaning- Our thoughts are colorless and odorless like the water. It is up to us what we are mixing with them. When we mix negativity to our thoughts, then they rot. However, when we mix them with positive things then they become fresh and pure.