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Showing posts from February 28, 2012

Hindi Thought (SMS, Quote) Picture Message (Wallpaper) on To Interfere दखल देना

Thought and Picture by Arvind Katoch This is a Hindi Thought with Picture/Image It is a Hindi Thought Wallpaper. (Right Click on image to Copy)

Hindi Thought (SMS, Quote) of Day on Need जरुरत

"आप वह सब प्राप्त कर लेंगे जिसकी आप को जरुरत है. जब आप वह सब मांगना छोड़ देंगे जिसकी आप को जरुरत नहीं है. निसर्गादात्ता "

"‎You will receive everything you need, when you stop asking for what you do not need." - Nisargadatta"

Daily Hindi Thought (SMS, Quote) of Day on True Love Vs Physical Attraction

"सच्चा प्यार समय के साथ और बढता है; जबकि शारीरक आकर्षण समय के साथ घटता है. " -अरविन्द कटोच के दुआरा

"True love is growing over time, the physical attraction diminishes with time. "

By Arvind Katoch