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Thought of Day in Hindi image (The one who is our well wisher/जो हमारा हितैषी हो)

"जो हमारा हितैषी हो, दुख-सुख में बराबर साथ निभाए, गलत राह पर जाने से रोके और अच्छे गुणों की तारीफ करे, केवल वही व्यक्ति मित्र कहलाने के काबिल है।"

Thought of Day in Hindi (English Translation)-
"The one who is our well wisher, stands with us in sorrow and happiness, stops us from going on the wrong path and praises our positive points, only that person is our real friend."

Hindi Thought image by Arvind Katoch
Hindi Thought for Students

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