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Hindi Thought (SMS) on Challenge/Life चुनौती/जीवन

जीवन एक चुनौती है इसका सामना करो.

Life is a challenge, face it.

Read 5 Motivational/Inspiring Thoughts in Hindi

Below, people can find first collection of 5 Motivational/Inspiring Thoughts in Hindi. These thoughts can help in motivating a person. Visit each link to read these thought in Hindi/English or send share them with friends.

Hindi Thought (SMS) on Interesting Life/रोचक जिंदग.

Hindi Thought (SMS) on Regret/ पछतावे

Hindi Thought (SMS) on God/ भगवान

Hindi Thought (SMS) on Worrying जाएदा सोच कर

Hindi Thought (SMS) on New Horizon नये क्षितिज

Hindi Thought (SMS) on Money पैसा

जिस मनुष्य के पास केवल पैसा है, उस मनुष्य से ज्यादा गरीब इस दुनिया में कोई नहीं है.

A person, who has only and only money, is actually the most poor person of the world.

Hindi Thoughts (SMS) Religion धर्म

लोग धर्म के लिए सोचेंगे, लिखेंगे, लड़ेंगे और मरेंगे भी. मगर उसके लिए जिएंगे नहीं

People will think, write, fight and die for religion; however, they will not live for it.